Antifa and Anarcho-Communism : An Open Letter and a Challenge of Godwin’s Law

Dear Antifa,
I hope this letter catches you well. My name is Karl, and I am a fellow Anarchist.
I had a few questions that I hoped you could address for me, if you have the time of course:

1. It is my understanding you are an Anarcho-Communist organization that opposes fascism. How does that work exactly? Are not those two things one in the same?
2. What is the difference between Anarcho-Communism and Communism?
3. You claim to be justified in assaulting individuals because they are Nazis, yet it seems everyone you disagree with is a Nazi. Is anything you justify OK? What is the limit?

Simply put, my questions are in jest. It has been made abundantly clear that cognitive dissonance is your gang’s main requirement to join (and those bad-ass uniforms.) Do not get me wrong though, I understand where you are coming from. You are a group consisting mostly of young artists, struggling in a country still recovering financially from war. I know you just want to cleanse society of those you feel are privileged and wealthy, and to rebuild our nation under a black and red flag. Communism is the perfect choice really, given that the last person who fit this description failed miserably (his mistake was taking a half measure by way of socialism.)

Here is a bit of advice though, from a fellow anarchist no less!
Stop infringing on people’s right to free speech, whether they are Nazis or not they are not infringing your rights by speaking.
Please read more on the economic implications of communism, there are some great articles on this very website that might help you grasp the subject.
If you insist on continuing as you are, please stop associating it with Anarchy but instead Communism.

Karl (not Marx)

The Logical Anarchy Podcast EP 55 – Public Education and Punching Nazis

The Logical Anarchy Podcast – Public Education and Punching Nazis

Tonights episode was about a conversation about education and the violence of the left. Apologies for the audio quality. Joe had to call in due to internet issues.

Ep 46 Education

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