Peter Berthelsen

My name is Peter Berthelsen. I am a husband, father, life-long learner, and unashamed Christian. I graduated from North Dakota State University with a degree in philosophy, but have since gone into the IT field. I am a former pastor, and during my time in ministry, I began to grow disillusioned with the usual textbook-friendly version of Christians’ relationship with the State. An in-depth study of the biblical understanding of authority led me to becoming increasingly disenchanted with the political status quo. Towards the end of my tenure as a pastor, I carried out the greatest sin a pastor could possibly commit: I abandoned the Republican Party, and just as the presidential race was ramping up, to boot! After a short time of political wondering, I found a home with the ideas of libertarianism, and ultimately found the Non-Aggression Principle to be the simplest and most elegant summary of the societal commands given in God’s Word. To the day, six months after considering myself a “libertarian” I read Lew Rockwell’s Against The State in a single sitting and confirmed the old adage printed in the book’s introduction:


“What’s the difference between a minarchist and an anarchist..? Six months.”
So there I was. An anarchist. It’s such a dirty word in Christian circles, but I have dedicated the bulk of my free time making the Christian case for a free society at In my spare time, I also produce the libertarian webcomic Other Hand Comics.