Karl Alexander

My name is Karl Alexander. I am a blue collar worker, a novice writer, and on occasion an IT guy. I like, long walks in the rain, the color green, and… wait this is a professional bio. I am enamored by all things music, I still tinker around with legos on occasion, and odds are you’ve stolen one of my memes. Growing up I considered myself a republican, however I have always fallen towards the center of the aisle. My mother is a Libertarian and my father is a blue-collar democrat. Growing up the way I did definitely shaped my views into what they are now. The 2012 Election is the definitive turning point in my political alignment, It was the first time I could vote and I cast my vote for Gary Johnson. Seeing the turnout for him in California, and the polarization within the libertarian party *triggered* something in me. There was a realization that if pressed on certain issues any libertarian could be forced to contradict himself. I knew at that point I always wanted the upper hand in debates, so I began reading the likes of Mises, Rothbard, and Hayek. I’ve always been on the middle of the fence, Now I am happily seated on the bottom right. I was brought in by Jon and I couldn’t be any more excited to be sharing my passion with others who very well could end up doing the same.