Jon Torres

Jon_picMy name is Jon Torres. I am not a college graduate of economics. I am not a professional scholar on philosophy, theology, politics, and economics. I just have a profound passion for these subjects. I grew up in a conservative Republican home believing in all the typical Republican and neo-con views.

Later I was introduced to the writings of Mises, Spooner, Hayek and Rothbard. Bastiat and Hazlitt also played a huge role in shaping my understanding of economics and philosophy as well. I was reluctant to start this site in the beginning. Like I said, I am not a professional academic. Then I thought about how most academics have been proven wrong by every authors I just listed. From that idea, I came to the conclusion that college learning is a waste of time and not a true indicator of intelligence. Intelligence is the humility needed to realize when everything you were taught was wrong. Intelligence in action is taking new information, internalizing it, and applying to your life. This site started simply as my journey down that path (so there is some embarrassing stuff on here. I keep those up for the sake of transparency). From that starting point, we have turned this site into a place where we loudly and boldly champion a voluntary and free society.

By day I am a freelance artist and illustrator creating pieces of art for Film, Games, and Books.