Joe Logan

Joe_picMy name is Joe Logan. I’m a blue collar worker, husband and father. I work for a construction company that specializes in commercial metal stud framing and drywall. When I can catch some free time, which is rare these days, I like to backpack, play guitar, and tinker with anything techie. 

I guess growing up I would have considered myself a typical neocon republican. Thankfully all of that has changed. I’m ashamed to admit I was a Bill O’Reilly fan and I would read his books. It gets worse, I voted for Bush in 2004. I believed the only real choices I had were Democrats or Republicans thanks to our local schools and the mainstream media. I knew I wasn’t a Democrat so I thought, “I must be a Republican.” I supported the Iraq invasion, as did Hillary Clinton who is a democrat. It’s funny in retrospect because its hard to see the differences between the two major parties now. After high school my opinions started to change. I think being a part of the workforce helped that process.

A pivotal point in my changing mindset was when I was exposed to Ron Paul through a friend. I remember specifically watching him in the republican debates. He was at odds with every other Republican candidate on that stage, especially on the subject of foreign policy. Talking about CIA blowback is unpopular. Hearing those ideals for the first time was interesting. It’s getting that raw honest truth that you know is right but you don’t want to hear because it’s inconvenient. There’s a saying popular with Paul supporters and it rings true with me, “Dr. Paul cured my apathy.” Jon invited me to contribute and I am extremely grateful he did