Everyone is an Anarchist

Welcome to Logical Anarchy! We are just a couple of guys that believe in the Non-Aggression Principle. The NAP is an idea that states that it is unjustified to initiate violence against others and their property. We think most people can agree with that idea. On our site you will find blog posts and podcast episodes where you can learn about anarcho-capitalism, economics, politics, philosophy and libertarianism.

We advocate for the crazy idea that you know what is best for you. That you should have the right to freely make choices for yourself. Government is just a monopoly on the initiation of violence within an arbitrary set of make believe lines drawn on a map. Anarcho-Capitalism (or “Voluntaryism” if “anarchy” is a scary word for you) advocates that individuals voluntarily trading on a truly free market can provide everything the government provides without jamming a gun in people’s ribs. The statist system relies on the right people using the right amount of violence in the right way at the right time to bring about a top down coercive organizational structure to society. And they say us anarchists are the “idealists”…