I Hate Defending The Alt-Right

I am going to jump right into this, I do not like the alt-right. There, I said it. They hold dangerous views, and in my eyes they are some of the scariest statists. Some in the alt-right hold racism and misogyny up on a pedestal, and are entirely oblivious to the implications of the nationalist society they desire. It should make sense that as an anarchist I do not particularly care for this ideological cesspool of ignorance. Why would anyone find it necessary to defend them though?

Individual Liberty.

As an anarchist, my political ideology is driven by the desire for man to be unrestricted in what he says or does, as long as it does not infringe upon someone else’s freedom to do the very same. While the alt-right certainly has some (a lot of) troubling beliefs, they very rarely restrict others from exercising their own freedoms (with exception of that little charade with the HWNDU flag). The reasons I tolerate the alt-right are simple: They show promise on certain issues regarding freedoms (namely the second amendment), and they provide comedic relief to an otherwise depressing political landscape. Simply put, I don’t like their politics, but I tend not to mind them as people. What does this have to do with individual liberty though?

The Regressive Left.

A thorn in any rational person’s side, the regressive left commonly demonizes anyone who dares to provide opposition to their beliefs. Many who align with this branch of leftist politics will often call themselves anarchists. I can speak with some certainty that nobody on the far left is truly anarchist, they just see anarchy as a stepping stone to their Utopian communist society. Their beliefs are just as volatile if not more-so, than the alt-right. The difference between both groups is significant though. The alt-right allows dissenters to speak, and promptly retaliates by making memes or name-calling. The regressive left labels those who speak against them as fascists, and in response they attempt to silence the opposition. This stark contrast is why I can’t be bothered to defend the regressive left, but why defend the alt-right?

All voices should be allowed to speak, even if they shouldn’t be listened to.

I have the great privilege to have multiple platforms for my ideas, this website and a weekly podcast. Having the opportunity to reach a larger audience brings about an amazing feeling of responsibility coupled with fear. “What if the things I say don’t appeal to others? What if something I write has terrible consequences?” These are all valid concerns for any writer. The regressive left presents a new deluge of questions though. “What if someone attempts to hurt me or my family for writing something that someone disagrees with? What if I lose my job for holding an unpopular opinion?” These are terrible thoughts to have, bad nonetheless valid ones. The alt-right at the very least understands why speech is a protected form of expression even in our statist society, the regressive left doesn’t.

Put simply, I defend the alt-right because they have the right to talk about and share whatever ignorant views they hold. I will stop defending them when the regressive left stops attacking freedoms.

So I beg of you in the regressive left, stop making the alt-right victims so I can go back to verbally attacking both of you.

Pictured Above: The elusive an-cap writer when forced to defend people with an ideology he doesn’t like.