No Need for Identity Politics

Why are identity politics, 3rd wave feminism, and social justice not needed within anarcho-capitalism and “thin” libertarianism? Because it’s simply not needed. They are all taken care of in a principled manner under the NAP and sound property ethics. The NAP (Non-Aggression Principle) states that it is unjustified to initiate violence or threaten violence against other people and their justly gained property. This ethical stance within the philosophy is applied to all people and anyone that breaks this ethical code is then subjecting themselves to defensive force at the hands of their victims.

Why is misandry needed under this ethical stance? Why is racial identity politics needed under this stance? Why is social justice needed? The answer is that it is not needed in the slightest. But statists like to think that these things are important and MORE important than a general respect for individuals because they have an axe to grind. They want to get something for nothing for their gender, race, or any other group at the expensive of some other demonized group that is the “cause” of their perceived misery.

There are only a select few ways to ethically gain property. They are, very simply, homesteading and voluntary trade. Those that have a focus other than, or in opposition to, individualism and private property ethics want to legitimize another way of gaining property: Theft. Theft through the coercive power of government. This is where the “Anarcho” in “Anarcho-Capitalism” comes from. Statelessness. No government. This is the logical conclusion of taking the Non-Aggression Principle seriously. Anyone who says anything contrary to this is trying to live at the expense of someone else. That’s a guarantee.

“You’re all a bunch of socialists.” – Ludwig Von Mises

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