The Logical Anarchy Podcast LIVE Episode 50 – Castro, Borders, and Trumps Cabinet

The Logical Anarchy Podcast – Castro, Borders, and Trumps Cabinet

This episode is about the death of Castro (yay!), Trumps cabinet picks, and the debate raging about borders.

An Article on Castro

Cuba’s Human Rights Violations

Trump Cabinet Picks

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One thought on “The Logical Anarchy Podcast LIVE Episode 50 – Castro, Borders, and Trumps Cabinet

  1. I listened to this episode and all the static calculations such as “Hilliary only got 66% of the Latino vote which is less than Obama’s 67%.” That seems odd.

    Also, I heard the cost calculations about illegal immigration. What I did not hear is that if Trump does not stem the illegals, the numbers will grow and grow some more. If the gates are thrown open, the numbers will grow exponentially. It sounded to me as though you were using a static concept to project what might or might no happen in a dynamic context.

    I am a libertarian who is for immigration policies fair to all, not just the Mexicans who storm across the border.

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