No One Cares about how Sad You Are

“This is simply un-f***king believable. I can’t comprehend what’s going on right now.”

“This election is rigged!”

“I’m actually crying right now.”

“I’ve cried multiple times tonight.”

These are all real reactions I’ve seen by liberals, SJWs, and leftists that are completely distraught and “grieving” because of Donald Trumps victory in the Presidential election. To this I can only respond with the following:

But in all seriousness, there is a reason to grieve. That reason is not what these liberals think it is though (the defeat of Hillary Clinton). The reason to grieve is that it came down to a choice between Donald Trump, a man who shoots from the hip and seems to have no guiding principles, and Hillary Clinton, a woman with absolutely no morals or qualms about doing anything nefarious to advance her power. A leader like Trump or Clinton is the logical outcome of voting for the lesser of two evils for two hundred plus years. How are people honestly surprised by the fact that this has happened? How has voting for evil, in any sense, helped to hold back the tide of evil? If there is anyone to blame, it’s those on the left and right that have worshiped their now failed god government, and looked to it for salvation.

My government! My government! Why have you forsaken me?

Whether they realize it or not, this is the presidency they have they have asked for and slowly worked towards for generations. And the fact that these people are so worked up over one man in power might hint to the fact that no one should have this kind of power. I find it very hard to feel sorry for people who advocate for coercive state power and presidential candidates and don’t stop to think of what happens if they lose and those powers fall into the hands of their “enemies”.

You played the game and you lost. You have no right to complain about losing.

You lost because your candidate, Hillary Clinton, was objectively worse than Donald Trump. Think about that for a moment please. Really let that sink in.

You tried to pass off a career politician who happened to be a woman as the presumptive nominee. You rigged your primaries in order to get her the victory there because clearly she was not palpable enough to win on her own. The funny thing is that Bernie sold out and lost the one thing he had going for him; consistency of his message. Now his reputation is gone after supporting the kind of Wall Street candidate he vowed to smash and his Wall Street candidate failed in the end.

Hillary had the media behind her and she still failed. Why? Because the people are completely aware the media lies to them. NBC was blaming “white rural uneducated  America” for the outcome of the election. And the dejected expression and propaganda spewing from them on election night showed that they were using “white rural uneducated America” as a pejorative term that was code of “racist red necks”. The thing is that if you call a particular group of people “racist”, “sexist”, “misogynistic”, and “evil” long enough, they come to resent and hate you. And that hate was reciprocated by Clinton towards the people as well. The leaked Podesta emails outright said that Hillary has come to despise everyday Americans.


Hillary was a lying murderous witch whose foreign policy has caused untold amounts of pain and death abroad for generations. Instead of trying to understand this, you thought calling Trump “racist” would distract people from noticing that your candidate was Dick Cheney in drag. The feminists that pushed Hillary as the only compassionate and pro-woman vote should be ashamed. How dare they elevate such a disgusting person as the best their gender could produce. No wonder 85% of Americans disagree with your leftist definition of “feminism”.

And then you lefties contradict yourselves like this:

When people like myself point out the corruption of democracy, or even the shady goings on from wikileaks, you mock instead of refute. Then, like a whiny child, when you lose the election game you cry and throw a tantrum about how the situation is rigged against you. My wife likened to a sports event when the referee is calling things in your favor. You don’t speak up because it;s giving you an advantage. But once the tables are turned and you are disadvantage thanks to the calls of the referee, you whine and complain and play the victim.

It’s pathetic.

And let’s be honest, you lefties birthed the Social Justice Warriors. You thrive off of being a victim. Being a victim is what gets you off. You’re head rises from the pillow every morning excited about what new and interesting ways you can be oppressed. This sick obsession with being a victim is what completes you so deep down, you love the idea of being able to play the victim for the next 4 years.

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