Austin Petersen: Model, Martial Arts Master, Ladies Man

I don’t like Austin Petersen. He’s a joke of a thinker. I find many minarchists to be rather intelligent people who are willing to at least work with someone like myself towards certain goals we both desire. Austin is just the worst though. Recently, Anarchyball posted the following:

I Just couldn’t resist this so I tweeted the following:

Austin didn’t like me making fun of Karate so he said the following:

To which I further responded with:

Austin then claimed to have been a model and shared the following images:

I just couldn’t help but give Austin some of his trolling he’s done over the years back to him. I responded with one of those images and a quote of Austin’s from the past.

Austin then proceeded to post more images of his “modeling career” to prove to us that he is the real deal.

I’m not sure what Austin was thinking giving so many horrible pictures of himself to strangers on the internet, but I had to have some fun with them.

Austin wasn’t too amused. 4 out of 10? Come one Austin! These all at least make it an 8/10.

But hey libertarian ladies, Austin can be your sugar daddy. He sings well, plays guitar, and wears a brown leather jacket. If that doesn’t make you swoon, I don’t know what will.

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