How to implement California’s Prop 60

If you are a Californian, you will be given the power to make a change in our great state towards safety. We need to do it for the betterment of our society as a whole. Sexually transmitted diseases are a real issue, and it is very clearly the government’s job is to protect us from the poor choices we may make or even the careers we choose. Casual sex and casual sex done for money, is one of those very things where we need the government to step in and make things safe. California’s prop 60 is the way to do this. Sex workers are workers too and they should have the same oversight and protection that Cal/OSHA provides all other workers in our great state. Prop 60 would require all pornographic performers in the state to wear condoms in order to increase workplace safety.

CBS reports the following on Prop 60:

“In addition to requiring condoms in all scenes involving sexual intercourse, Proposition 60 would:

— Require porn producers be licensed by the state and assess fines ranging from $1,000 to $70,000 for various violations.

— Require producers to pay for vaccinations, tests and monitoring of sexually transmitted diseases, something the actors themselves now pay for under an industry requirement they be tested every 14 days.

— Hold all individuals with a financial interest in a porn film liable for violations.”

— Allow any witness to a violation to sue a filmmaker if state officials don’t act promptly on their complaint.”

These are the needed steps and punishments for keeping these workers, who voluntarily accepted a career where they have sex with strangers on camera for money, safe. And we all know how important safety is. The fact that it is understood, or easily understood, that such behavior is risky, is irrelevant to the fact that the “government should do something” about people who regularly engage in the risky behavior described above voluntarily. I mean, it’s not like these porn performers OWN their bodies and are entitled to make said risky choices themselves right? But how can we implement these laws? It seems like a daunting task. Fear not for I have a couple different modest solutions.

Method 1: Community Support

I propose that the California government reach out to the consumers of pornography within the state by offering them an anonymous tip line manned by state employees. With this tip line, state employees can take the calls of concerned pornography consumers that see a film that may not be adhering to state law. Through this tip line, consumers can describe the film and the scene in question to state employee on the other end of the line. It would also help if the state employees sounded really hot. Just a side note.

Method 2: The CoCK

The second proposition would be to form a committee that would act as health officers and deputies. This arm of the California government could pass out licenses as well as train field agents to both educate the Adult Film industry and enforce California law. This would be The Committee on Condom Knowledge (CoCK for short). Those that work for CoCK would need to be dedicated to its cause and goals. They can take applications from would be pornographers for a license to create porn in our great state as well as make visits to sets to make sure production crews and performers are complying with state law. Ideally, there would be a CoCK officer at every film site. It should also be  the job of the CoCK officer to put the condom on each performer to make sure that it is properly worn so as to maximize the protection of all performers in scene.

Of course it is unrealistic to think that CoCK officers can be on every set at every time. So a division of the committee would have to be dedicated to reviewing films to make sure they comply with the law laid out by prop 60.

With these methods and institutions in place, prop 60 can be a true success in keeping porn performers safe from the choices they knowingly made voluntarily. It would provide many jobs in this hard economy as hotline operators, CoCK officers, and film reviewers would need to be hired. Of course, the budget would have to increase which means more successful Californians would have to pay their fair share in order to fill these incredibly necessary positions. But that’s the price Californians will have to pay in order to live in a society where people that have sex on camera for money can be safe from their own choices.

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