How to use Hangouts and YouTube for your podcast.

This is a different kind of post than what we usually post here at Logical Anarchy but I feel it may very well be useful for my fellow advocates of freedom out there. I’ve also had multiple ask me how Joe and I set up our podcast through Hangouts on Air and YouTube. So with that, I thought I would share what we use as far as equipment, software, podcast hosting site, and Youtube settings. Let’s start with how to schedule a live broadcast event on youtube.

Step 1: Select your little avatar at the top right of the main youtube page when you first land on their site.


Step 2: Click on “Creator Studio”.


Step 3: Click on Live Streaming.


Step 4: Click on “events” and then click the button that says “+ New live event”.


Step 5: Enter in all of the info you want about your podcast. Put in the tags you want. The important thing is where it says “Type” make sure “Quick” is selected as it allows you to broadcast through youtube, live, with Hangouts on Air.


Step 6: When the time comes to launch your podcast, go to “live streaming” again and then go to “events”. You’re scheduled event should be in there. At the bottom of the listed event you will see a button that says “Start Hangout On Air”. Click that and it will take you into hangouts. In hangouts you can set up your lower third stuff, invite people, and anything else you need. When you are ready to go live, just press the button at the bottom of the window in hangouts to do so and press it again when you are done.


Step 7: After you finished broadcasting your show, go back to the video manager, click on videos, click on the little downward arrow next to edit. Click on “Download MP4”. This will download the video to your computer.


Once you have the downloaded video from youtube, you can import it into whatever DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that you use. We use Reaper here at Logical Anarchy. You can purchase Reaper for as little as $60 and it is an incredibly powerful piece of software. I know other people use Audacity as well (though it will not have as much functionality as Reaper). When you put it in your DAW, you can add your intro music, sponsor adds and everything else in there.

Now that brings us to where to upload your audio file too so people can get it on iTunes and other platforms. We use Shoutengine here at Logical Anarchy and we have been pretty happy with them. The best thing is that it is free as well and they have some great analytical tools for your podcast. They also give you the proper link to upload your podcast to iTunes or Stitcher or any platform like that.

What about a mic? Joe and I both use the Yeti Blue microphone. I love this mic. It’s easy to use, you just plug it in and go. The sound quality for the price point is fantastic as well. I can’t recommend this mic enough.

So that is how we set up and record our podcasts with YouTube and Hangouts. As far as the weekday day show, I just record straight into Reaper which is even easier than all of the steps you have to take on youtube (since I don’t have guests on that podcast). I hope this can be somewhat useful for anyone wanting to start up a podcast.

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