Bumper Sticker Philosophy

You know what the most frustrating thing about debating philosophy, economics, and politics with people is? Debating it with people who have the self-awareness of a hotdog.
I’m more than willing to present every aspect of my reasoning and arguments. I’m willing to tackle every aspect of someone else’s. But when the other person engages in what I call “bumper sticker philosophy” (which is moronic one liner statements with no substance), honest and deep conversation is impossible.
Government worshiping statists engage in this a lot. I can explain business cycle theory, monetary policy, anti-war principles, epistemology, or principles regarding self-ownership and they respond with statements like: “but you don’t own yourself” or “capitalism is oppression” or “Taxes are just you paying your fair share” or “PATRIARCHY!!!” or “The troops defend your freedom!” and they leave it at that. No steps leading to the conclusion or anything like that. No justifications. I’m just supposed to accept those statements as they are and if I do not, I’m the degenerate, not them.
Well screw that and screw the moronic masses “bumper sticker philosophy”. Why? Because if I presented my ideas just like they present theirs, I would be laughed out of the conversation, and rightfully so!
“Capitalism is the best.”
“Self-ownership is a given.”
“Society is an abstraction.”
“Government is a gang of thieves writ large.”
If I just talked like that with no argumentation to back up my conclusions, and then set absurd standards for argumentation and the presentation of evidence to my opponents, I’m being a sophist and idiot. Not only that, it demonstrates to those I am debating that I really understand how logic and argumentation works, I’m just not bound by the same rules and standards my opponent is because, “reasons”.
Some advice for everyone out there. Stop being morons with your one liner philosophy. Construct your thoughts and then present them and exercise awareness when you debate so that the entirety of your tactics is not just special pleading. You prove nothing and you make yourself look like an idiot. Worse than that, you have spit in the face of truth.

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