The Alt-Right are the Right’s “SJWs”

In a previous post, I talked about how the Alternative Right (Alt-Right) libertarians are wrong in thinking that the NAP allows for the punishment of “thought criminals” like communists and socialists. As much as I would love to toss commies out of choppers (it makes for a funny meme), it is just cannot be justified due to the proportionality aspect of the NAP. I outlined this “lex talionis” aspect of the NAP in that previous post and demonstrated that by killing someone for having dangerous thoughts, one actually becomes the aggressor and the commie would actually be justified in defending themselves. By extension, advocating for the death of people with dangerous ideas is likewise dangerous. So by their very own logic they condemn themselves to death. My stance is the same stance as Ludwig Von Mises when he said “Only ideas can overcome ideas and it is only the ideas of Capitalism and of [Classical] Liberalism that can overcome Socialism. Only by a battle of ideas can a decision be reached.” Notice that he did not mention helicopters.

I wanted to continue my study of the alt-right though. It’s a fascinating sub-culture of “conservatism” and recently I had an interesting run in with “Labor for Trump” on twitter. Anarchyball posted a meme that pretty much illustrated how the disproportionate ideas of force advocated by the “alt-right” shows its illegitimate nature. As a side note, I find it hilarious that an “alt-right” person likes FDR enough to make them their profile picture.

The Language and Rhetoric of the Alt-Right

Now there are a great many of these people on twitter who see Trump as almost their savior. To them, it seems that Trump has transcended that of being just a political candidate and has become the harbinger of their great meme war against the left. And in full honesty, watching an alt right person take on a leftist is hilarious.

left v alt right

But it wasn’t until I actually spoke to someone like “Labor For Trump” that I realized something. Many on the Alt-Right are just the bizarro version of the leftist SJW. They use the same tactics, have their own buzzwords and generally follow the same illogical lines of argumentation the SJWs use but with their own “alt-right twist”. The one thing they lack, but are gaining more of everyday, is the cultural pull the SJWs have. These Alt-Right people have their own leaders and icons beyond just Trump. Milo Yiannopoulos, and Vox Day are two such people that many on the Alt-Right look up to (I admire both of those men for their own reasons), but I feel that their in-your-face message is lost on many of their followers. Ironically, I think Vox Day’s “SJW Attack Survival Guide” could easily be adapted to when one is mobbed by these alt-right meme lovers. I find it ironic that understanding the attacks of the extreme alt-right can be understood through Vox’s careful dissection of SJW attacks.

The alt-right does, however, have their own language. Sometimes you will see things like this on twitter and social media:

Notice the “(((Von Mises)))”? This is what these alt-right people use when referencing something as “Jewish”. Why they do it I do not know. Perhaps “Jewishness” triggers them like the plethora of things that trigger the SJWs? But this is known as an “(((echo)))” and is, again, used as a way to point out someone or something of Jewish background. So, whatever, who cares? I’m not going to pretend that this offends me. It’s kind of silly really and, like the SJWs, to me shows this “inside joke” meme speak similar to things like “CIS” and “Het” on the left. This seems to be a feature of neo-reactionary culture regardless of what side of the isle you are on.

It was after I received a few of these tweets that I realized something. These tweets sound a lot of like how SJWs internally slander their enemies. Instead of “This is how Jewish libertarians do ‘logic'”, a leftist would say “This is how CIS het libertarians do ‘logic'”. Instead of “autistic reply”, it would be “racist reply”. Instead of “Jews made the NAP”, a leftist would say “the patriarchy invented the NAP”. These “rebuttals” follow the exact same formula that leftist SJW responses do. Instead of saying “your opinion doesn’t matter because you’re a straight white man”, these alt-right people say “You’re NAP doesn’t count because a Jew liked it.” Honestly, I don’t see either response as worse than the other, they are both poor attempts at logic and rhetoric. Ironically, when I pointed this out to “Labor for Trump”, I received this:

When he said this, I couldn’t help but chuckle. This person, instead of taking on the arguments I put forth, thought that a valid refutation of the idea would be attacking the character of those that once held the idea like Mises. Within discourse, this is an ad hominem where the arguer tries to attack the character or traits of the other person rather than the argument itself and it has the unfortunate side effect of still leaving the actual argument unchallenged.

Is this not what the left SJWs do as well? Vox Day says the following when encountering SJW’s in his survival guide:

“The second thing is to recognize that there is no way you are going to be able to reason your way out of the situation. Most people who come under SJW attack have the causality backwards. They think the attack is taking place due to whatever it is that they did or said. That’s not the case. The attack is taking place because of who you are and what you represent to the SJWs: a threat to their Narrative… The most important thing to accept here is the complete impossibility of compromise or even meaningful communication with your attackers. SJWs do not engage in rational debate because they are not rational and they do not engage in honest discourse because they do not believe in objective truth.”

Replace “SJW” with “Alt-Right” and it still works perfectly fine. These people on the Alt-Right have their own narrative similar to that of the SJW. SJWs have a profound hatred of anyone that does not think like them and the alt-right is just the mirror reflection of that. These people on the extreme alt-right, likewise, do not care about objective truth, but about heckling and defaming anyone that does not think like them. Bringing it back to “quality rhetoric”, I find it funny that when I would try to explain a logical line of argumentation, “Labor For Trump” would respond with the above tweets. When called on the fact that he hasn’t refuted anything, he responds with “You’re rhetoric sucks”. I see another parallel with SJWs here. The parallel being that SJWs are allowed to be illogical and have their arguments considered valid while anyone that challenges them is immediately wrong because of the mere fact that they challenged them. Here we have the Alt-Right engaging in the same double standard: “I’m right because I’m Alt-Right, you’re wrong because you disagree with me.” And because of this profoundly stupid line of thinking, both the SJW and the Alt-Right person feel justified in calling you a “racist” or a “kike” and strutting around like they have now won the debate. To quote Vox Day, “SJWs do not engage in rational debate because they are not rational and they do not engage in honest discourse”.

Therefore, the tragic irony of the many on the Alt-Right like “Labor for Trump” is that they become the very thing they hate without realizing it. They engage in the exact same kind of botched “argumentation” as the SJW and both have their own internal language and buzzwords that they use to shut down arguments so that neither the SJW or the neo-reactionary on the “Alt-Right” have to actually deal with the content of the things said.

The alt-right is just another arm of “the social justice war” waged by statists and this makes many of those on the Alt-Right enemies of liberty and freedom just like their SJW brethren.

2 thoughts on “The Alt-Right are the Right’s “SJWs”

  1. There is a problem.
    The SJW tactics WORK (to silence their opposition).
    Moral and cultural sanity is on the retreat across the broad spectrum of American society.
    My opinion is that these tactics, like the state, can be used to tear down a society, but not to build one.
    So while the Alt-Right may (may) slow down the left a little bit the general decline will not slow, it will just take on a different flavor and direction. I don’t consider this victory.

    The alt-right is less nutty than the left, and therefore maybe less suicidal in the same way that mercantilism can be survived while communism can’t. However, errors which yield big giant failures may be preferred to ones which give the appearance of success.

    The tactics used DO affect the outcome. So the “victory at all costs” mentality is self-defeating.

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