Who is “Trigglypuff”?

triggerlypuff#Trigglypuff is the internet name bestowed upon a young “woman” and social justice warrior who’s real name is Cora Segal. She has also assumed the name Cora Gales and Cora Miriam. Never in my life have I seen someone who so epitomizes the extreme caricatures critics of feminism and social justice put forth. I think most people thought that someone like Trigglypuff was an extreme impossibility. Surely no one could be so blind and stupid as to argue that the body mass index was invented by white supremacists and that socialism and communism are better than capitalism because it caters more to fat people. Surely, these are strawmen created by critics like myself to paint SJWs and 3rd wave feminist “intellectuals” as degenerates. Those insensitive critics among us have to be making things up by saying that these SJWs advocate for the idea that over weight people live longer and are less susceptible to heart disease. These SJWs are rational and scientific people! They would never make claims that say capitalism is evil because it creates tyranny for fat people by enforcing the hegemonic rule of healthy eating! These people have facts on their side! They are college educated! But this is exactly what hate filled Cora Segal argues.

The video above shows the insanity of these people. I, in particular, love that she will not shut up and keeps interrupting Miss Sommers. When told that if she refuses to be quiet she will be forced to leave, she responds “Free speech!”

You see, when you oppose these people ideologically you are being a filthy tyrannical and patriarchal oppressor of fat, transgendered, queer, black, and economically weak womenfolk. Because of this, free speech does not apply to you. Free speech only applies to those that see the world as these people see it. There is nothing tyrannical about that though!

triggerlypuffcapitalismI wanted to know more about this young “lady” so I tried to see if she popped up on facebook. I think since the above video broke, she has either deleted her profile or made it hidden and private. Thankfully the internet is a wonderful place and much of what you post is never really gone forever (so be careful what you post). I was able to find this archived save of her profile (here is a screencap of her okcupid profile if you are into that sort of thing). So much of this is just pure gold. It’s a window into the mind of a violent and hateful psychopath and I think that a team of psychologists, anthropologists and sociologists should study this scatological mess. I found it through this archived post from facebook where she is sorry she can’t make it to a protest against “Autism Speaks” (because that organization “is an ableist, eugenicist hate group that aims to eliminate Autistic people”).

Actually, I know exactly why she is the way she is. I don’t need a team of experts to figure this out. She is a product of the disease of socialism. Socialism is an intellectual cancer. It spreads just like cancer within the psyche of people at the expense of rationalism, logic and intelligent thought. The obsession in socialism with equality is not compassionate but an obsession with one’s self and spreads to all other modes of thinking and feeling to where everything must be filtered through their selfish notion of “equality” (by “selfish” I mean how they scheme to live at the expense of others). Look at that archived facebook profile of hers. How many selfies of yourself do you need? Socialism goes hand in hand with narcissism. She thinks socialism is better for fat people because she is lazy herself. She has an aversion to hard work and effort.

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”

“Legal plunder has two roots: One of them, as I have said before, is in human greed; the other is in false philanthropy.”

“When does plunder cease, then? When it becomes more burdensome and more dangerous than labor.”

The above quotes belong to Claude Frédéric Bastiat. It is almost as if he foresaw, in 1850, the rise of these intellectual troglodytes. Somehow he gave them a very accurate mental evaluation from the mid 19th century. Bastiat rightly observed that then, as now, plunder is easier than hard work. The kicker is that these idiots think they have the moral high ground in expropriating your property because they are “tolerant” and you are a subhuman white supremacist that wants to make fat people eat healthy, rape defenseless coeds in college, and you have the audacity to think that you are entitled to the fruits of your labor. All of this goes hand in hand. Social justice is just another violent facet of the socialist dream for equality. A dream where everyone is free in eking a life out in the mud and filth. And should you EVER think of bettering yourself beyond that of your peers, prepare to have violence done against you to keep you in line. This, they say, is the only way to fight the tyranny of capitalism. The tyranny that brought about the pill which liberated women from having to be wives and mothers if they did not wish to be so. The tyranny that has lifted people out of poverty by increasing efficiency and wealth through the division of labor. The tyranny of free and voluntary trade between consenting individuals. The tyranny that gives the poorest of the poor the ability to rise from poverty and into wealth through hard work and entrepreneurship.

No, we don’t want any of that. This 3rd wave feminist movement is nothing more than the offshoot of the wrong headed and factually false concepts of socialism and how stealing the property and labor of others somehow “frees” us. In the end, it legalizes and codifies theft and violence against your neighbor. This is because to claim the fruits of another’s labor is to claim what made that labor possible; their body. To claim ownership of another’s body is to advocate for slavery. Funny how feminism and socialism become the very things they abhor and yet these people look at someone like myself and say I am the tyrant. To me, it’s just them projecting the ugliness of themselves onto others so that they never have to look at the hateful mass of flesh that they subconsciously understand themselves to be.

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5 thoughts on “Who is “Trigglypuff”?

  1. // It is almost as if he foresaw, in 1874, the rise of these intellectual troglodytes //

    Think that should be 1850, as that was when The Law was published (and also when Bastiat died at the tragically young age of 49).

    Otherwise, excellent article.

  2. I love this article. I am the Editor of a Colombian opinion website called Alponiente.com, and I would love to translate it to Spanish. Is it possible to translate it and publish it on Alponiente.com giving the proper credit to the author and this website for it?


  3. So beautifully stated. Whether or not we turn out to be on the “right side of history” (I hope we are; I fear we’re not), I’m proud to call you my brother.

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