The Irony of Harriet Tubman on the Twenty

Aside from the death of Prince, everyone is talking about the change on the face of the twenty dollar bill. People are happy to see Jackson, a man that owned slaves, removed from the bill and replaced with the face of Harriet Tubman. The irony of this change is on multiple levels and no one seems to get it. First, Andrew Jackson would have never wanted to be on any sort of bank note created by a central bank. In a speech he gave on July 10th 1832, Jackson said:

“Every monopoly, and all exclusive privileges, are granted at the expense of the public, which ought to receive a fair equivalent. The many millions which this act proposes to bestow on the stockholders of the existing Bank must come directly or indirectly out of the earnings of the American people. It is due to them, therefore, if their Government sell monopolies and exclusive privileges, that they should at least exact for them as much as they are worth in open market… To acknowledge its force is to admit that the Bank ought to be perpetual; and, as a consequence, the present stockholders, and those inheriting their rights as successors, be established a privileged order, clothed both with great political power and enjoying immense pecuniary advantages from their connection with the Government.”


Jackson was very much against the idea of “debt slavery” it seems. He rightly understood that the creation of a central bank with monopolistic privileges in the creation of money would “create wealth” at the expense of everyone else and their purchasing power. Sure, the guy was a jerk for owning people like cattle, but this does not diminish the truth of his words in regards to central banking and debt slavery. In fact, Jackson was probably rolling in his grave the entire time his face was plastered on a bank note he was thoroughly against. Debt is all central banks are good at creating, not wealth. According to a Pew research article, 8 out of 10 Americans have debt with mortgages as the most common liability. 7 out of 10 Americans say that debt is a necessity in their lives, even if they don’t really want it. We have all been brainwashed into being good little obedient debt slaves. What has the debt slavery of the Federal Reserve created for us? They have created human batteries from which to leech off of. If you are curious how much you are to be bled of due to the US government’s indiscretion in regards to money and debt, use this nifty calculator to figure out your share. After putting in my info, I saw that my share of the national debt is $530,653 (as an FYI, the national debt is above $19 Trillion). This is debt that I did not agree to but has been forced upon me by a coercive and violent monopoly called government. In fact it is only getting worse for future generations. We are selling our children’s futures at the expense of social programs and war today so that you (you selfish bastard) can feel comfortable and safe right now. A child born an American citizen today (April 22nd 2016) has a lifetime share of the national debt of $1,532,026. That should infuriate you. A child that has had no say what-so-ever in the matter has been sold into debt slavery from the moment they exited their mother’s womb. All so that you can have free college, social safety nets, and kill the dangerous brown people an ocean away.

So yeah, Jackson wouldn’t want anything to do with fiat dollars of today. But what about Harriet Tubman? She was a gun toting, anti-establishment, freedom loving person. Tubman is quoted as saying “I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” If only you knew that slavery never ended, it just changed forms. Does anyone see the irony? No one is outraged at the idea of putting the face of a woman who stood against slavery on the face of a bank note that symbolizes your modern day debt slavery? It is as bad, if not worse, than putting Jackson on the bill! When the Federal reserve came into being in 1913, no batted an eye. When FDR made it illegal to own gold, no one did a thing. When Bretton Woods broke down in 1971 and the US went onto a fiat dollar system (money backed by nothing), nobody did anything. Replace the face on a twenty dollar bill and you make national headlines. None of the other things that have caused your children to enter this world with debt they will never be able to pay back that was foisted upon them against their will is worth a headline though. It’s pathetic.

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