An Anti-Feminist Rant

I don’t get this third wave feminism wrecking our culture today. It really is a cancer and I don’t care who is offended by that. It’s a bunch of professional victims with mental instabilities. These “ladies” (they’re not ladies) take issue when a man professes what he thinks a woman should be or makes generalizations about women. Yet, these hypocrites have no problem telling men what it means to be a man and assuming that all men are rapists (thus making young men in universities go to “consent” classes).
They talk about the patriarchy. If the patriarchy was really a thing, they should be thanking it. It’s men who invented the pill, the washing machine and many other devices that liberated women from the domestic life and allowed them to compete with men in the market.
They talk about male privilege and I want to know where that privilege is? Over 90% of elementary school teachers are women and elementary education is directly geared towards girls and how they learn. Boys are then punished for being boys and not sitting still for 6 hours.
Men have to register for the draft. Men cannot be “raped” as rape is defined by these feminists. Men commit suicide more than women. Men are not “privileged”, we just have a whole different set of issues to deal with than women. So kindly, feminists, stop being moronic selfish professional victims. You claim to be “strong independent women” and yet are offended by the smallest remark and clamor for safe spaces. You are weak. You are pathetic and you hide the truly strong and courageous women under the waves of your stupidity.

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