Only White People Can Be Racist: The Problem of White Guilt

And with that, the student becomes the teacher
This video of a high school student schooling her white teacher is going viral. For a very, very good reason.
Posted by Mic on Saturday, February 6, 2016

This video of a student arguing against her high school teacher over the idea of white people experiencing racism is going “viral”. I’ve seen it appear a few times in my various social media feeds and I just felt compelled to speak on it. What she is saying seems “right” only to those who cannot see beyond themselves. These kinds of people that cry racist over everything are themselves racist and they do not even know it. Why? Because they generally cannot see beyond themselves. It’s why the “You’re a racist” camp is generally leftists. They are selfish, self important troglodytes who feel that they are entitled to MORE than others based off of their race, social class, gender, or any other identifier they subscribe to.

So let’s tackle exactly what this girl is saying.

“… Racism is based on the systematic oppression of people… White people have never suffered that.”

A great way to start your argument is to obviously start it with a lie right? That is why some of the core beliefs of the left center around demonizing white, heterosexual males. Why just be racist when you can be sexist at the same time? Why is it that if a white person says “I’m proud to be white” they are pretty much guaranteed to be called a racist in our culture? I am Hispanic myself and it is perfectly acceptable within our western culture for me to say “I’m proud to be Latino.” I would have no such pride if I were white. Gee, that sounds an awful lot like a “systematic oppression of a particular group of people” when you allow certain groups, based on race, to express pride in their race and deny that privilege to others. Not only that, but her definition is not even a complete definition. Racism is “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.” What we have going on in the above anti-heterosexual white male propaganda vomiting from the filthy orifices of the left is racism itself. When you demonize a particular race of people (and gender within that race), you are being racist and claiming racial superiority on the grounds that you yourself are not racist. This fits in perfectly with the described definition of racism.

“Yeah, It’s possible.”

As I have described above, it’s more than possible, it is happening now. When you either insinuate or flat out say that only white people can be racist and claim that that statement itself is not racist, you are lying. It’s kind of arrogant to think that the Irish, Italians and Poles have not and still do not experience racism in the United States. If a white person pretty much threw out all of the oppression of blacks through out history and focused only on the persecution of the Irish, that person would be labeled a racist. But if this girl throws out all of the oppression of the Irish, Italians and Poles, pretends that it never happened, and insinuates that only white people are racist, she is applauded by her delusional peers and the rest of the intellectually bankrupt masses on the internet. How come no one is talking about this blatant double standard?

“So you saying that… Is kind of like you as a white man saying what is or isn’t racist.”

Oh, so if you are white, you cannot experience or even try to claim that something is racist against you. In fact, you yourself are a racist for even thinking of that. White people are not allowed to determine what is or is not racist. This is a judgment this girl is making based off of her teachers race. It’s her claiming superiority for herself and by extension her race since she is not white herself. Gee… that sounds… racist. This is the problem with this “You’re a Racist” crowd. They have no intellectual foot hold but they do have a powerful tool at their disposal. Guilt. Western culture is unique in that it often is willing to admit when it is wrong and change course. That is why there was slavery based on race which was later abolished. That is because western culture evaluated itself and found this institution repugnant. Compare this to Islamic culture (which had slavery much longer and in a far more brutal fashion) and how little they have recanted such policies (indeed it still exists in some Muslim countries today). This sort of confusion within our culture today is due to the fact that the mind of a typical statist is often only focused on self. This is ironic since capitalists like myself are often called selfish while these people advocate for the state to steal from one group in order to give to them. To accomplish this, they have discovered western cultures weak spot: It’s ability to self evaluate and correct abhorrent behavior. These parasitical people have found that if they exploit the guilt, they can get something for nothing. The sad part is that it is working.

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