Diagnosing the Symptom and Championing the Cause

It is no secret that statist are confused people. They often see that which they want to which drives people legitimately seeking truth absolutely insane. Recently on twitter, Bernie Sanders made the following tweet:

Congress does not regulate Wall Street, Wall Street regulates Congress. Must read: https://t.co/ZPmuna1Zaj

— Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) November 30, 2015

To which I responded:

@BernieSanders That’s BS. How come no one lobbies Goldman Sachs? How come everyone lobbies government? Because government has all the power.

— Logical Anarchy (@AnarchyEcon) November 30, 2015

This idea is not new. The right does this with terrorism. They point to jihadist groups and claim that they are the source of the problem but neglect to tell the public how they originally gave these jihadist groups training, money and weapons. It is a typical statist deception which consists of diverting blame away from the holy institution of the state and pinning the problem on a symptom the state causes. There are bonus points involved if an argument can be made for the precious state to “fix” this symptom as well. This way, the political elite enlarge their sphere of power and come across as heroes. Economics and the left’s arguments against “capitalism” (which is really corporatism, a product of their ideology) are not immune to this. Bernie Sanders does not understand that firms lobby to government because government is a monopoly on the initiation of violence within a given territory. It is the ultimate monopoly and it is the monopoly both the left and right have no problem accepting. A Bernie supported tweeted back at me this  tweet:

@AnarchyEcon your comment is not logical. No need to lobby profit machine. They Lobby (write) Fed Code to make $$$ https://t.co/R7fSpkVF9d

— Mike Friend Sr (@mpfriendsr) November 30, 2015

To which I replied:

@mpfriendsr Government is a monopoly on the initiation of violence. If it did not have this monopoly, who would there be to lobby to?

— Logical Anarchy (@AnarchyEcon) November 30, 2015

They just do not get it and it’s a dark testament to the complete and total brainwashing and propagandizing the average person is subjected to. Look at this! This person is willing to ignore the bully with a gun, and instead, wants to blame the violence the bully does on the nerd giving the bully lunch money to beat up his enemies. With out its bully, Wall Street would be forced to compete. So long as any form of centralized control on coercion exists with a monopoly on the creation of money, this will be how society functions. Making the bully bigger and stronger will only empower the jerk hiring the bully, it will do nothing to stop him.

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