The Apathy of Statism and its Relationship with Terrorism

Well it’s happened, another terrorist attack on a western nation from Islamic extremists. Is anyone really shocked? No, probably not, we are all numb to this violence. It’s interesting to note how with each successive act of violence, the public has become more and more lazy with their responses. Their statism grows even larger by it too. They think changing their profile picture to that of the flag of France is somehow enough to show they care.

Let’s all be honest with each other though, no one cares.

Harsh? Yes. But we all live in a culture of laziness. Look at these students in Missouri protesting for free everything. We live in a culture completely devoid of any semblance of responsibility. Everything should be given to us and the American arrogance heaped on top of it all does nothing to solve the problem. America feels entitled to cause a death toll much larger than what occurred in France yesterday everyday in the middle east. We all remember (I hope) how the US bombed a Doctors without Borders hospital and killing around 20 people. There was little to no media attention about that. There was a bombing in Beirut that killed about 40 people and the media cares very little about that as well. American’s have a filter and the filter is composed of “the scary terrorists are everywhere and they hate us for our freedom.” Anything that does not fit this narrative is thrown aside and considered irrelevant to the conversation.

The average American ignores that fact that the US supported the Jihadists in the 70’s in order to fight the Russians. The US gave these people weapons and training. They forget how every secular dictator they have toppled (or attempted to topple) in the middle east created a power vacuum ripe for extremism to take hold in. Al Qaeda had little to no presence in Iraq prior to the war but once Saddam was disposed of, the jihadists flooded in. Libya and Syria are also prime examples of a pattern of destabilization that lead to a breading ground for Jihadists. None of these people want to talk about the fact that trade sanctions against Iraq caused hundreds of thousands of innocent deaths (mostly women and children). No one want’s to discuss this. Instead you have morons like Rubio claiming the US is shinning beacon of hope in the world when it is destroying and destabilizing nations. This narrative is largely left untouched and instead we are left with the moronic explanation that these attacks are unprovoked and that the Terrorists “hate us for our freedom.”

I’m not a fan of Assad or any government and figure head, but he’s right on this point. “The West deals with terrorism in a hypocritical way. they call it terrorism when it hits them, and revolution, freedom, democracy and human rights when it hits us”.

But sure, change your profile picture to show that you care even though you really don’t. If you really did care, you would vocalize your displeasure with your government and it’s cycle of war and supporting terrorist organizations when it suites the political elites needs (like in Libya and Syria). Give yourself a pat on the back for giving a hollow gesture while, at the same time, you support policies that create tragedies like this in the first place every day. Just know that your lack of understanding causes death. Your passive acceptance of the status quo feeds tragedy and your support of governments engaged in destructive foreign interventions lead to destruction and pain. Your new profile picture and a few hollow words on your profile are more than enough make up for it. Don’t worry about getting up and actually doing something about it, that’s not needed. Just know that if you really cared, you wouldn’t be supporting your criminal government that has been at the root of these tragedies.

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