Refugees and Freedom

So lets talk about refugees and immigration. That question shouldn’t affect us as anarchists. Why? Because immigration and laws surrounding it have to do with government, which we of course seek to abolish (peacefully) since it is fundamentally immoral. No single person has the right to rule over the life of another. In a free society, there would be no issue with immigration and the ability to move where work and business is more prosperous means life is better. However, I see a lot of “anarchists” on both sides of the argument making a fatal error that sacrifices principles.

The first side wants to use government to keep people from entering the country. It’s funny to hear anarchists talk this way. “We hate the state but we must use the state to defend our country.” If you believe this, you never really understood the message of freedom and voluntaryism. The state is terrible at protecting anything and I don’t think protecting you is even anywhere close to the top of their list of things to do. Anarchists that seek to use the coercion of government to keep people from moving freely simply have no business calling themselves anarchists or voluntaryists. How are these borders going to be enforced? Through taxation and theft of private property. That’s a big no no if you are a voluntaryist.

The other side says that the government should accept refugees. This is a no no as well. Anarchists that want to use the state to force people to accept others and inevitably support them on welfare, also fundamentally do not understand voluntaryism. How are these people going to make it here under this premise? They will be supported through taxation and theft of property, just like the other side.

What is the solution? Private property. If an individual wants to take someone in, hire them or whatever, they can do so. The government has no right to tell them that they cannot do so on their property. On the flip-side the government has not right to steal from people in order to subsidize someone that want’s to help the refugees or the refugees themselves.

This brings up another point. Why are the European nations spelling out their own disaster by having state subsidized immigration with the refugees? Well it’s their welfare state and socialism that is the real culprit here. If you enter a country as a refugee that has no welfare, you must integrate into the local society and culture. You have to participate in the economy. If a refugee enters a country like France or Germany, they know that they will get government handouts. This means they do not have to integrate into society by taking part in the economy. They can create a cultural bubble around themselves because they get free money from the government. This means that they can out breed the producers and thus bring about the collapse anyone with half a brain can see coming.

Why not just try freedom and respect for private property? It can and will solve all of these problems.

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