Guns, Police, and Liberal Logic

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So I posted a status like this to the Logical Anarchy facebook page because, well, it’s a contradiction I really want to see progressive liberals rectify. I would love to see them attempt to make sense of it. So I went to the US Uncut page and posed this question on an article they posted about the misconduct of police. Here is an image of the conversation as of writing this post.

As you can see this is a tough question for for progressive liberals to answer. The young misguided lady said the following (since I didn’t expand her comment in the screen shot):

“The police have become more defensive and aggressive and more likely to shoot first and ask questions later is BECAUSE of the lack of gun control in the country and they know everyone they confront is a threat because everyone is allowed to carry an ak 47. Or whatever murder machine they please. The police are aware of our countries gun problem and the county cop units have swatted themselves to the literal 9’s to “protect” themselves.”

 I would like to note that it is interesting that a liberal is essentially using the “war on cops” argument to make their point for more gun control. I assumed that the “war on cops” idea was more of a right wing thing but these statists throw you for loops all the time!
The fallacy going on here is that there has been 99 officer deaths so far since 2015. 29 of them have been because of firearms. 23 have died in automobile accidents (we should have common sense car control!). 16 have died from heart attacks.1 On the other hand, how many people have been killed by police so far in 2015? The answer is 776 people, 161 of which were completely unarmed at the time of death.2 99 deaths versus 161 unarmed victims. Pretty lopsided if you ask me and that doesn’t seem to support Miss Howe’s assertion that police are the actual victims here.
But the facts go even further. 2015 is looking to be the safest year to be a cop since before 1900!3 So much for cops being the victims here. Check out the following chart to see the decline in officer deaths since then.
Not only that but as the following charts show, violent crimes and homicides are going down.4
So police are not the victims and that is not why police are killing more people with their guns. So why are they? What could be the reason? As many of you no doubt can guess, it’s the structure of law enforcement itself and the demand for more government control and regulation that has made interactions with police a deadly affair.
What is law enforcement today? It is a monopoly on the service of security. Government has come in and cornered the market on this vital service of protection. In every instance of government doing this, the price of the service rises while the quality of the service decreases. This is basic economics. Since they have no competition, people have no choice but to go to government for this particular service and government has no incentive to offer adequate services since people have choice but to buy form them (through taxation and the enforcement of stopping individuals from forming their own defense firms). 
A government monopoly on the justice system will always give rise to a police state, it’s just the nature of the beast. People like Miss Howe here, progressives, really think that government can solve everything and when they demand more government, police abuse is the natural outcome. You want more government, here it is.
Not only that but these liberals do not construct their arguments based off of facts. Look at the facts I have already provided and you will see that there is no evidence to support both their hatred of firearms and skepticism of police. This is just one of many inconsistencies inherent in their statism. Police brutality is what they ask for when they demand another law is passed or another commodity or service to be regulated. How are those laws enforced? Through the monopoly on violence the current regime has, the police.

So my questions to liberals still stands. Why do you guys advocate for the disarmament of peaceful people by saying “You don’t need guns, that’s what police are for!” and then in the same breath say “Police are out of control!” Not only that, but when an officer kills an innocent, you immediately identify the officer, the person wielding the gun, as the problem. But when a civilian kills someone else with a gun, even a police officer, you immediately get on your nonsensical gun control tirades. Why is that? Oh it’s because you don’t know what you are talking about.


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2 thoughts on “Guns, Police, and Liberal Logic

  1. I think that liberal thinkers think that without guns it will be a more peaceful country or neighborhood. But I always use the saying ‘If you want peace, you to prepare for war’.

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