The Republican Debate: A Menagerie of Morons

Note: Sorry, I know. We’ve been gone for a while. I (Jon) have had some projects I’ve been working on and Joe is a dad now. It’s tough. We advocate for liberty in our spare time. It’s a labor of love really. So bear with us as we navigate life!

Alright. So earlier this week we had the second Republican “debate” (I use that term lightly) and it didn’t disappoint. The statist rhetoric was out in full force and, if anything, it has me really excited to watch the stupidity of the Democratic debates as well. I know some liberty minded folk can’t stand watching the debates. I hear you. They are awful to listen to, cringe worthy really. As an anarchist myself I don’t see the point in mob rule elections. I don’t think one can vote their way to freedom. But I watch these debates because it offers a great insight into the warped mindset of a statist. What’s important to them? What are their “core” issues? What “arguments” do they use and what do they believe? These are all critical things to know when you interact with the statists you may run into. To refute an opposing view point, you must first know what it’s all about. With that, lets discuss some of the terrible ideas thrown around at the debates.

Trump was terrible as usual. I know some morons find his straight to the point nature appealing compared to the pandering fools he shared the stage with. That doesn’t make him a great guy or knowledgeable about any of the issues. Immigration was brought up again and we again hear about the mass deportation of a people group and the building of a wall. I would just like to point out that Hitler tried to remove a particular people group he found undesirable and Stalin built a wall. The point I’m making is that Trump is a socialist and fascist and if anything, the support he has received from “conservatives” proves they are socialists and fascists too. It proves a point I long have said, that neo-conservatives are socialists and jacobins and not “conservative” at all. These sorts of government actions require a lot of resources and money. The burden of these policies, mass deportation and building projects, will ultimately burden the tax payer. Again this shows how eclectic and nonsensical conservatives are. They complain about “high taxes” but have no problem advocating for policies that will inevitably be paid for out of their pockets.

Not only that, but restricting immigration is not going to help the U.S. economic position. In order for individuals to fully thrive, they need to have the ability to move freely. This includes the ability to move between different states. Think about it this way:

What if every state in the United States decided that they wanted to restrict immigration between each other. It is now much harder to go from California to Nevada. Let’s say you live in New York but just received a job in Jersey. Now you have to go through a very difficult legal process because of your career shift, it might not be worth it to move and take the job. Not only that, but as an employer, your prospects of employees greatly dwindle. Trade between states now becomes a problem as well. You can imagine how this sort of xenophobia can cause economic failure and problems. Now all one simply has to do is amplify this situation between the United States and any other nation. Trade and free exchange is much harder. It’s harder to find the employees you need. Generally, economic activity and voluntary exchange (the essence of capitalism, the economic system conservatives apparently love) becomes almost impossible across borders. Not only that, but as I stated above, closed borders are a socialist necessity. When you have a planned economy, you cannot have a constant influx of individuals coming in and burdening the system. If you have a free society with voluntary exchange that is devoid of a welfare system supported through socialist tax policies, you have no problem in supporting immigration. In fact, it only helps your local economy grow.

Judge Napolitano raised another interesting point about immigration. He argues that every person here illegally is entitled to a hearing and an appeal. That means that tax payers would foot the bill for 11 to 13 million hearings and appeals. Not only that, but the most the US has ever held is 250,000 in a year. As you can see, the math just doesn’t add up. It would take generations upon generations in order to sort out each case (all the while more immigrants enter the country) and it would cost the tax payer and unforeseeable amount of money.

Foreign policy is probably the biggest problem I have with the current Republican party. Essentially they are a bunch of war mongering fools. Every single person behind a podium during the debates said the same thing. “America is the best and I have no problem meddling in the affairs of other nations because of it.” America has a messiah complex and it has had it for years. It seems to plague the Republican party the most as well. Their juvenile logic is that America is the best so America should have the last say on everything. Unfortunately, none of that is true.

Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson, Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee and every other candidate behind a podium said that they would not decrease military spending. In fact, to much applause, many said they would increase it. The first question that entered my mind was “how is that going to be paid for?”

I did, however, already know the answer. Taxation (instituted thievery) and quantitative easing through the federal reserve (creating money from nothing). Rand Paul made a good point that every where we topple a dictator, we create a power vacuum causing a rise in the radicalism of Islam (Scott walker attributed the rise of terrorism to a lack of intervention, despite all evidence to the contrary), but he (Rand Paul) also said he has no problem performing air strikes and giving weapons and training to our “allies” overseas (because that worked out so well in Syria). Paul’s plan is just as idiotic as the others. As an example, the US spent $500 million training 4 or 5 fighters to fight ISIS. Let that sink in. The US military “invested” $500 million in taxpayer money for their “defense” and “freedom” only to produce a handful of fighters. Not only that, but they are asking for more money. Foreign intervention of any sort is a waste of valuable resources and examples like this should make it abundantly clear that the Republican candidates on that stage have no clue what they are talking about. Essentially, the Republicans want you, the American people, to subsidize their ambitions of empire building and if “Conservatives” really considered themselves “fiscally conservative” and “against socialism” they would be against one of the most expensive socialist policies around. War.

These were the two biggest things that annoyed me about the debates. Really, they were some of the only things with meat during the entire three hours. Most of the time seemed to be spent on petty ad hominems and questions of no substance (Who would you put on the ten dollar bill?). As I watched this debate unfold, I was hopeful. I feel that this election will be the biggest and most obvious example of how much a joke voting and presidential elections are. A menagerie of morons I’d like to say. That hope was quickly dashed as I hopped on social media after the debates and saw everyone’s interpretations of the it. I had many “conservative” friends praise people like Carson and Paul. I was left scratching my head but then I realized something. The reason these candidates relate so well to the American citizen is because the average American is a moron as well. Trump barely speaks above a third grade level and it connects with people because they have no idea what their government is or what it does. The American people don’t really understand politics or economics. They are nothing short of troglodytes and idiots.

Thankfully, as I have shown above, the third grade rhetoric vomited from the fetid mouths of these morons is easily refuted and torn down. I’m still hopeful that truth will shine through because even idiots and troglodytes can learn.

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