Memorial Day – Remember that the State killed all of those people

I have to give a counter opinion for this weekend. I will say that I think it is admirable and honorable to give ones life in defense of what you believe in and for the betterment of your family, community, and friends. Anyone who does such a thing is the definition of a hero. I also think it is heartbreaking and tragic to die yourself or murder others for a cause not completely justifiable. That is why on many remembrance days for veterans and soldiers, I am always conflicted. My heart goes out to those that lost loved ones, those that lost fathers, brothers, husbands and boyfriends. At the same time, it’s impossible for me to say that any life lost in any modern conflict was an honorable sacrifice for my freedoms and that of my family.

What do I mean by this?

I mean that any modern conflict the United States of America has been a part of cannot be justified. World War II, of course, can be explained in a lot of ways but World War I, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq wars one and two, Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Columbia, Libya, Syria, Iran, Nicaragua, Grenada, Panama, Ukraine, and any others I forget to mention off of the top of my head, are completely unjust and immoral conflicts the United States had no business being a part of. And that means that any life lost was not only avoidable, but I would argue, immoral and murderous.

So when I hear people say “The troops today are defending your freedoms” I cannot help but cringe at their ignorance. It simply is not true. An impoverished goat herder in some Middle-Eastern country with a “-stan” on the end is not capable of hurting me or my family. In fact, often times, he’s shooting at American troops because Americans bombed his house with drones killing his family all because a guy maybe suspected of maybe being a “terrorist” happened to stand a little too close to his hut.

What have these glorious modern conflicts given us? They have given us the TSA, an organization profoundly good at groping your kids and wife at the airport. It’s given us militarized police. You’re local township really needs a bearcat or tank patrolling it’s streets right? Your little city is really better off with ill trained sociopaths with military grade weapons is it not? These men break into your homes in no knock raids in order to deprive you of life, liberty and property and it’s only later that we find out your house was the wrong house in the first place. It has given us poverty. How do you think war is paid for? It’s paid for with money and the advent of central banking makes war (and perpetual war like “the war on terror”) a political platform to dupe you and make politicians, banksters, and government contractors rich and fat. All of this is at the expense of you and I. Modern soldiers are not fighting for you and me. They are not fighting to keep us free. They are following the orders of rich men in fancy suits that live in Washington. They are fighting on behalf of parasites because that is all Washington really is.

To top it all of, these young men die and bleed for these parasites because they think they are serving you and I. This should anger you to no end. This should infuriate you. Some of them are fathers that will never hold their child or wife. They are all sons being deprived of the chance to be held by their mothers and fathers again someday. And to pour more salt on the wound, these young men are being forced to do the same to other foreign families on foreign soil by killing those in opposition to the greedy interests of the United States. What is a soldier to the United States? A soldier is nothing but a toy to today’s modern political parasite. A toy that this parasite wants to play with in the sand of some middle-eastern nation like it’s one giant sandbox.

So I view these remembrance days in a completely different way. Yes, it isn’t as nice and fluffy sounding as what everyone has been posting but that is because what everyone else is posting isn’t reality. It’s a fairy tale we are told and it’s a fairy tale too many believe. Yes, what I’m saying isn’t fun, but the more people that see it this way, the more “supported” the troops will be. That’s because they wouldn’t be sent to die in immoral and unjust wars perpetrated by the parasites in Washington.

On a final note, the biggest threat to what little freedom we have left is not in some far off land but in Washington DC. Those you elect to power have done more to take away your freedoms than any “enemy” that’s been faced in a foreign military conflict today.

Let’s be honest, America isn’t that great anymore. It’s actually been the villain more often than not in modern history (especially in the last 25 or so years) than the hero. If you believe otherwise, you’re not factually looking at reality. You are still seeing things through the rhetoric the parasites in Washington want you to.

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