Vote or Else!

Free speech takes many forms. Sometimes it comes in the way most people think of, speaking. Sometimes it comes in other forms like filming an altercation with police, music, art, and voting. I personally put no stock in the system of democracy. Joe and I have talked on the show about how voting accomplishes nothing in end. The idea of choosing the lesser of two evils still means you are choosing evil. Not only that, but voting is a way for you to give your consent to the deplorable system of the state.

Sometimes, people that encourage others to vote, will say that if you do not vote, you cannot complain later because you didn’t exercise your voice. But really, that is backwards logic. If I disagree with the state as a whole, regardless of who the “king/president/emperor” of it is, it is best to with hold my consent to a ruler by not giving them my vote. Look at our current president, are things really better because people were able to get their voice out? No, in the end it became a majority thrusting their choices onto everybody else. But I am derailing myself from what is really troubling in light of the things the president has said.

Recently the president said that it would be a good thing if voting became mandatory. He said “In Australia and other countries it is mandatory to vote. It would be transformative if everybody voted. That would counter act money more than anything.” So let us get this straight. Forcing people to choose between  a douche and turd (to quote South Park) would change this country for the better? That is the reality of the choices facing the voters out there. But there  has always been that third choice, not voting for either at all. In the 2014 midterm elections, less than 37% of eligible voters actually voted. Honestly I’m fine with that and I think that number should climb until voting becomes irrelevant and a majority of people choose to opt out of the system all together.

The problem with forcing people to vote is that you are taking away an aspect of free speech. Forcing someone to speak is just as bad as forcing them to stay silent against their will. Requiring people to vote and hitting them with prison time and fines is just another way of the state controlling our lives. They are clearly losing the masses consent through voting so the only other way is to point a gun at everyone to get to the polls.

Not only that, but coercive voting would not “counter” money in politics at all. It’s funny to hear a mainstream candidate who spent $750 million on his 2008 campaign complain about money in politics. Not only that but many of the same backers backed both candidates from both parties (Goldman Sachs for example). That right their should already tell you that you are screwed no matter who you pick. And the president thinks that the answer to this problem would be coercing people to the polls to pick the candidates the elites want them to pick? I’m sure it would be “transformative” in that many more liberties would eventually be taken away in quicker succession than they already are.

It is really idiotic to be supportive of coercion and in particular coercing people to vote. But when have statists from the left and right never reached for their one and only tool, coercion? It is the only way they know to get anything done (mostly because both sides ideas are just really bad so they have to be backed by a barrel of a gun). Voting is an exercise in free speech (albeit a terrible choice for it) but so is not voting. Not voting is the statement of “you can shove it because I want nothing to do with it”.

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