Conservatives are not really conservatives

The pure conservative position should really be more desirable than it is in mainstream culture. As an anarchist, I still identify with a lot of what conservatives claim to identify with also. Private property, low (I even say no) taxes, sound money, more economic freedoms and so on. But today, conservatives seem no different from any other type of statist. Like the left, the right wants to control your life. Instead of taking your money and using it to prop up a massive welfare state, they want to prop up a dangerous foreign policy and empire.

The left at least pretends to be anti-war. The reason why is that most people that identify with the typical positions of the right are OK with this imperialism based off of their perceived supremacy as Americans. When I talk to most people on the right, they have their own talking points they like to run through. They advocate for government to have a lesser role in our lives and at the same time support the police no matter what they do. They also feel it is their duty to support the military and whatever war they are fighting, regardless of how unjust and unwarranted it may be. They also, in the same breath, support gun rights. To me, the right is just as eclectic and logically confused as the left when it comes to what they  believe.

They believe in limited government yet they have no problem with the growing militarism and empire building we do abroad. More often than not, they believe that these people in foreign nations should be grateful for our intervention in their lives because America is always the good guy… Or so we are lead to believe.

They support gun rights but they also support the growing militarism at home in the form of a growing police state that performs no knock raids and asset forfeiture without a conviction and/or indictment. This singular fact seems to be in direct opposition to the conservative “reverence” for private property. As far as gun rights, its funny that conservatives support the police. Do they think Obama or Pelosi are going to show up on their door and demand their guns? No, the police will be the ones kicking down their door.

Not only that, but the conservatives claim fiscal responsibility and frugality yet they support money being directed towards war, one of the most wasteful endeavors mankind engages in. It comes down to the fact that conservatives are not really conservative. They pay lip service to private property, fiscal responsibility and liberty. They pay the same amount of lip service as the left does, making the right no different than the left in the grand scheme of things.

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