Episode 4 of The Logical Anarchy Podcast: Salon Idiocy

The Logical Anarchy Podcast – Salon idiocy

We talk about some news and answer Salon’s “11 questions for libertarians.”





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Conservatives are not really conservatives

The pure conservative position should really be more desirable than it is in mainstream culture. As an anarchist, I still identify with a lot of what conservatives claim to identify with also. Private property, low (I even say no) taxes, sound money, more economic freedoms and so on. But today, conservatives seem no different from any other type of statist. Like the left, the right wants to control your life. Instead of taking your money and using it to prop up a massive welfare state, they want to prop up a dangerous foreign policy and empire.

The left at least pretends to be anti-war. The reason why is that most people that identify with the typical positions of the right are OK with this imperialism based off of their perceived supremacy as Americans. When I talk to most people on the right, they have their own talking points they like to run through. They advocate for government to have a lesser role in our lives and at the same time support the police no matter what they do. They also feel it is their duty to support the military and whatever war they are fighting, regardless of how unjust and unwarranted it may be. They also, in the same breath, support gun rights. To me, the right is just as eclectic and logically confused as the left when it comes to what they  believe.

They believe in limited government yet they have no problem with the growing militarism and empire building we do abroad. More often than not, they believe that these people in foreign nations should be grateful for our intervention in their lives because America is always the good guy… Or so we are lead to believe.

They support gun rights but they also support the growing militarism at home in the form of a growing police state that performs no knock raids and asset forfeiture without a conviction and/or indictment. This singular fact seems to be in direct opposition to the conservative “reverence” for private property. As far as gun rights, its funny that conservatives support the police. Do they think Obama or Pelosi are going to show up on their door and demand their guns? No, the police will be the ones kicking down their door.

Not only that, but the conservatives claim fiscal responsibility and frugality yet they support money being directed towards war, one of the most wasteful endeavors mankind engages in. It comes down to the fact that conservatives are not really conservative. They pay lip service to private property, fiscal responsibility and liberty. They pay the same amount of lip service as the left does, making the right no different than the left in the grand scheme of things.

Episode 3 of The Logical Anarchy Podcast: The disease of Socialism

The Logical Anarchy Podcast – The disease of Socialism

It’s time for another episode of The Logical Anarchy Podcast! This week we talk about Socialism and we also touch on a few current events.

Federal Judge says privacy is about hiding guilty activity.

Police Shooting In LA

Recording Police in Illinois

CIA and Torture




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5 Annoying Things Statist Say

Statist say annoying things all the time. Generally, they never use logic or critical thinking when it comes to saying these things or when they are trying to be critical of the libertarian position. Here are 5 annoying things they say all the time when they find out you are against government.

1. But who will build the roads?

We have tackled roads here before but it should be mentioned a little here as well simply because it is one of the first things statists say in order to critique the libertarian/anarchist position. As an anarchist, this is really one of the first things they say to me. They usually smirk as they say it too, as if they have you pinned in a corner with no escape. Personally, I feel insulted when they bring this topic up. That is because they ask it like I had never thought of roads before until they brought it up. Unfortunately for them, we are not as simple minded as they are.

Roads are brought up because it is one of the only things people can look out their window and tangibly see that government has created. But a government itself does not build roads, they hire private companies to do so. Road building is not some secret technology that only government has access to. Roads would simply become another commodity like cars and gas in a truly free society. In fact, you could argue that roads would become safer and better if they are created under a competitive market system.

2. You must hate the poor.
My God, if had a dollar for every time I was accused of hating poor people, I could give millions away to the poor in order to prove them wrong and still have plenty left over to live comfortably. This accusation is rooted in the statist mind so deeply because they are completely incapable of thinking of other ways to accomplish something in society without using the violence of the State. This one is rooted in the same mentality as the roads idea. Government is the only tool to be used in order to create social order and services. Therefore, in order to help the poor, we only have one option: We must use an inefficient and violent institution in order to steal from one person in order to give to another.

The kicker is that statists have the balls to call this “charity”. For them, Charity involves reaching their hands into another persons pocket in order to give. They mask plunder and thievery as virtue and societal order. This has to be one of the most morally twisted and perverse things they advocate for. The institution of plunder in the name of charity and compassion.

3. Capitalism is cruel and you can only succeed at the expense of others within it.
My God I hate this accusation. I feel like Statists just project their own system’s inadequacies on those that disagree with them thereby refuting their own position. Statists, particularly on the left, always assume that if you succeed in a free market, it’s because you ripped someone else off. They seem to believe that capitalism is a zero sum game in which every transaction has a winner and loser. This simply isn’t the case when you look at what voluntary exchange is.

Voluntary exchange means two individuals are exchanging commodities of their own accord. The capitalist is not forcing his customer to buy from him but rather his customer is engaging in exchange with him because he offers a superior product or service. Should he fall out of favor, the customer may seek to exchange with a competitor.

The other issue with this accusation is that voluntary exchange means both people involved are winners. Somebody exchanges $5.00 for a latte because they think that they will be better off with the latte than the $5.00. The coffee shop owner thinks that he will be better off with the $5.00 than the latte. Both parties walk away from the exchange with what they want.

The only entity that does not follow this principle of offering competitive services and choice is government. They are monopoly themselves and a monopoly with all the good guns. Therefore, they don’t have to offer you anything of quality yet you are forced to exchange with them. The only entity that engages in a zero sum game is government simply because they rip everybody off. After an exchange with government, government is always the winner and the individual the loser.

4. But without government, monopolies would control us!

This one is completely illogical. I wish that people that said this would think before they speak. They have to work through the giant contradiction within their argument here. Namely, that government is itself a violent monopoly. This means that what they are saying is that we need a monopoly on force and violence called government in order crush any other potential monopoly that could arise. We need evil in order to fend off the very kind evil we supposedly need? This makes no sense and is counter productive.

5. Government is a necessary evil.
This one tries to appeal to the pragmatic nature of humanity. Humans seek to ease their perceived uneasiness by using methods that work, and this argument tries to appeal to a middle of the road mentality. It tries to concede that yes, government is evil, but it produces order so it works in the long run. People can get hurt, but the greater good (society) is protected. But all this phrase says is that evil is necessary. It highlights the one of the biggest issues within statism. That is that statism is the idea that just the right amount of violence used by just the right people in just the right way means a better society. If your ideology hinges on “the right people” in power, your system will never work.

Episode 2 of the Logical Anarchy Podcast: War and Statism

The Logical Anarchy Podcast – War and Statism

It’s week 2 of the Logical Anarchy podcast. Both of us have struggled with getting over sickness so this one was a bit a late. We hope you enjoy it anyways. We talk about current events and American foreign policy.

LA and Bacon Dogs

Government Might Allow People To Legally Eat Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

National Debt reaches over $18 Trillion

Iran is on our side in Iraq

Iran Warplanes Target ISIS in Clearest Sign Yet of US Cooperation

Eric Garner

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