Israel Part 3: That Awkward Moment When You Realize Nobody is the Good Guy…

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So we have seen how the conflict between Palestine and Israel is really about property rights in part 1. We saw how Israel really doesn’t want peace because they created Hamas in part 2. So for part 3 here, we are going to use a modern example of how Israel uses propaganda in order to hide the fact that it is just as bad, if not worse, than the other side.


Earlier this month there was an article entitled “Netanyahu government knew teens were dead as it whipped up racist frenzy“. It has to do with the 3 missing teens that were kidnapped and later found dead and it’s been the cause of this ceasefire ending. To sum it up, here the things that make this messed up:

1. Netanyahu and his government knew the teens were dead hours after they were kidnapped. The teens made a phone call to police in which gun shots can be heard along with, in the extended version, celebratory singing.

2. When the recording was shown to the parents, they were told that the gun shots were blanks leading the parents and the public into believing there was a chance the kids were still alive. They also lied to the parents by telling them that no DNA was found in the kidnappers abandoned car when blood and bullet holes were in fact discovered.

3. Netanyahu and his government knew all along who the kidnappers were, but instead of arresting them, he went on an aggressive campaign seeking sympathy and outrage from the global community. This, of course, led everyone else to believe that maybe the teens were still alive. Of course, Natanyahu and his cabinet, along with the Israeli Intelligence Organization the Shin Bet, knew they were dead all along.

4. As Netanyahu stirred up the racist flames, instituted a gag order on the media so that the identities of the kidnappers would not be released, he led a campaign against Gaza in which he raided Palestinian homes, universities and neighborhoods. 500 Palestinians were arrested with around 200 being held without any sort of charges. 6 Palestinian civilians were killed. Keep in mind that the Israeli government knew who the kidnappers were all along and where to find them.

5. The bodies were not actually found by Israeli Intelligence but by volunteers. The volunteers found the bodies of the teens buried in shallow graves in the home of one of the suspected kidnappers the Israeli Government knew of all along. It goes to show that they were looking really hard for those poor boys.

This raises a few questions. Why would the Israeli government want to lie about the safety of the kids? Probably because they needed to stir up some racism and anger to get the public behind an invasion of Gaza. Why would Netanyahu put a gag order on the media? Probably because his goal of blowing some Palestinians up would be ruined if word got out that they had all the intelligence they needed in order to solve the situation more peacefully. As it stands, this current ceasefire has claimed the lives of 770 Palestinians, most of them women and children.

Wounded Palestinian children.

Israel on the other hand has had 32 military deaths so far… Compared to 770 deaths on the other side which are mostly civilians, that is hardly a comparison as to which side is the aggressor. I mean, when you are sniping civilians as they are looking in the rubble for loved ones, you have reached a pinnacle of degeneracy. Gaza has some extremists in it, but a majority of the population is held hostage by the Israelis. Israel has even put pressure on the U.S. to cancel its scholarship program for Palestinian youth because Israel won’t let them travel. It’s absolutely disgusting and abhorrent.

The people of Gaza are hostages firing rockets that are either made in someones garage or second hand and dated soviet tech. So lets not pretend that this is even a fair fight and that Gaza even as a chance or that the “Iron Dome” is some amazing defense system. They’re prisoners shooting roman candles over a wall at their prison guards.

Israeli “Justice”

Gaza has some disgusting, hateful extremists in its midst but we never hear about the disgusting extremists on the Israeli side. Like the ones that kidnapped and killed 16 year old Muhammad Abu Khudair. They killed him by forcing him to drink gasoline and then lit him on fire. His body was found in some woods outside of Jerusalem. To top it off, Israeli police said that his family did it because he was gay. This was, of course, false and done to cover up the lynchers.

But it doesn’t stop here. Time and time again I hear the pro Israel side saying “Israel wants peace.” But I fail to believe that when they murder and lynch innocent children because they happen to belong to a different race or religion. Sounds a lot like what was going circa 1939 in Europe…

Speaking of ethnic cleansing, Israel views all of Gaza and its inhabitants, including the children, as fair game in this conflict. The political leaders in Israel are not exempt from the hatred. Ayelet Shaked, a member of the Habeyit Hayehudi (Jewish Home) party, has called for the extermination of the Palestinian people. This includes the women and children as the women “give birth to little snakes”. If any other politician had said these words about anyone, including an enemies women and children, there would be outrage and we would call for the resignation of that political leader. What happens in Israel? They get cheers because the population is so propagandized to hate the Palestinians, the average Israeli agrees with extermination. So much for Israel wanting peace and if the other side laid down arms there would cease to be a conflict.

So what have we learned? What is the lesson? The lesson is that both the Israeli government and Hamas are terrible institutions with Palestinian civilians caught in the crossfire. Israel is a fascist and bigoted regime reminiscent of Nazi germany and Hamas is just the typical hateful extremist. It’s just when it comes down to it, there is no real identifiable difference between the two groups and it’s all Israels fault anyways for creating Hamas in the first place. That’s why I don’t get the sick obsession the Christian right has with Israel, particularly since they are supposed to have compassion. Israel can kill kids and women well enough on it’s own, it doesn’t need your support.

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