Intervention In Iraq is a Terrible Idea

Iraq is just a mess right now. The Kurds have seen an opportunity to make a move and seized Kirkuk (which to be fair was theirs to begin with). The Kurds are actually pretty good fighters but they are more used to fighting in the mountainous and hilly places they call home. Kirkuk does not play to their strengths so it will be interesting to see if it comes to fighting. We have the Sunni Insurgents who are, for the moment, welcoming to ISIS since they both want the same thing, Nouri Al-Maliki (The Prime Minister) gone. An interesting alliance that has come about through the destabilization of Iraq is the uneasy Alliance with the Baathist (the party of the former dictator Saddam Hussien) and ISIS. Jordan has been deploying on it’s borders and if something was to threaten Jordan’s borders, you can be sure that Israel will get involved. If Israel gets involved you can be sure the Zionists here in the States and abroad who hold some sway with the U.S. will call for U.S. intervention.

Iran will have to get involved too since they directly border Iraq and have always been in opposition to these Binladenites. More than likely this will end up being Iran’s equivalent to the Vietnam War. The odd part about this is that Iran and the U.S. now share the same interests so they will make for some strange bedfellows. Through all of this, Maliki is not listening to either the U.S. or Iran. Both powers are telling him to resolve with the Sunnis and give them a stake in government as was one of the bench marks of the U.S. occupation. He of course wants nothing to do with this idea and has had his own plans for the country.
So one can see how the country is a mess. We have ruined the idea of “freedom” for these people, especially the younger generations. For them, “freedom” is the right American’s have to kill them and they want nothing to do with that. Now Obama is a terrible leader, but this is not completely his fault. Yes, he bankrolled ISIS in Syria in his attempts to out Assad (even though Assad has been fighting Al Qaeda himself). We thought we could ally ourselves with Al Qaeda in Syria because, well Al Qaeda is not backed by Iran and Assad is (as a side note, ISIS was part of Al Qaeda at one point but pretty much said to Ayman al-Zawahiri, the current Al Qaeda leader, “screw you old man!”). So naturally we ally ourselves with “The Butchers of New York” as Scott Horton likes to call them, simply because we want to take Iran down a peg in the region. What a bunch of hypocrites right? But none of this would have happened if Bush and his cronies had never pushed for the invasion of Iraq back in 2003. In fact many Neo-Cons today are essentially saying “Look, we were wrong about Iraq, Its our fault. But what are you going to do? Are you going to let the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria go from the name of an organization to a country?! Put some boots on the ground!”
My answer to them would be “Yes, let them become a country.” First of all it is not our fight, what would we be fighting for now? There is no good excuse to go back there. Let these Binladenites do what they do best, kill each other. ISIS will not be able to hold power for long on their own. If the U.S. gets involved we will assuredly entrench them further in the region. ISIS and it’s leader bu Bakr al-Baghdadi, have declared Caliphate which means they are calling for submission from all Muslims. It is them claiming to be the defenders of the faithful. This puts them at odds with Al Qaeda who have already declared themselves as such. So let us just sit back and watch them destroy themselves. We have no reason to get involved and its still not too late. It was not Obama’s fault for pulling back troops, who had no business being there in the first place, back home. It was Bush and his administrations lies that are the progenitor of this mess.

I’d like to end by asking what the middle east would look like if the U.S. never meddled in it. Iraq and Syria would probably still be dictatorships, but the entire region itself would be much more stable. Al Qaeda and ISIS would never have had a foothold in the region. I mean, that is precisely what the U.S. seems to have fought for right? It wasn’t freedom, it was to give these despicable groups a foothold in the region because the U.S. hates Iran. And they hate Iran because they can’t control them.

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