Barack Obama’s Remarks on the Hobby Lobby Ruling Underlines the Ignorance of Progressives

Barack Obama has never been known for a strong grasp of property rights, personal rights, or economics. But hey, he’s a socialist progressive so what do you expect right? Recently, in all the hublub concerning hobby lobby, the President has taken to Facebook like the rest of Progressive America to show his displeasure in the ruling. He posted the following image and text on his Facebook. It says “Throwback to when a woman–not her boss–had the right to make her own health care decisions.” then in the image it says “Talk to your doctor boss about Birth Control (Contraceptives) and find out if it’s right for you.” Now there are many things wrong with this stance that every liberal in America is taking. I’ll address them individually as there are a few logical mistakes and fallacies horribly prevalent.

Wants =/= Rights
What is a “right”? Is healthcare and birth control a right? Is forcing someone else to pay for your birth control and healthcare a right? The answer is a simple “no.” I like the explanation of the situation as follows:

Woman: You can’t tell me what healthcare I can and can’t have! You can’t tell me what birth control I can and can’t use! Get out of my bedroom!
Employer: No problem, Ill be leaving. Let me just grab my coat and my wallet and I’ll be–
Woman: The wallet stays you sexist pig!

Is the warped perception of property and rights clear here? Can you see how the socialist economic brainwashing has made it so everyone thinks they are entitled to everyone else’s stuff? Its totally and completely wrong. We have the President and his loyal thralls confusing “the war on woman” with “not getting what you want.” Just because an employer will not pay for certain procedures does not mean they are keeping you from getting them. That would be an infringement of rights. You have a right to purchase the medicine and procedures you desire so long as you do not infringe on the rights of others (both economic and religious). So that means, yes, you can purchase certain birth control pills if you so wish, but you do not have the right to force others to buy it for you. That is an infringement of their rights and property. It would be like me asking my pro gun control employer to supply me with ammo and guns, but the progressives never think about if their policies are reversed and turned against them. So the President, like his followers, simply doesn’t understand how rights and property work nor how their very own logic works either. They have always been fond of emotive arguments rather than factual and logical ones.

You Are Really Not Entitled to Healthcare Provided by an Employer
Contrary to the ACA and popular opinion (but when has truth ever been popular), you are not entitled to health benefits from your employer. I have heard progressives argue that health benefits are part of the compensation an employee receives for their labor. This is true only if health benefits are part of the negotiated terms you made with your employer at the point of employment. You do not own your job, your job is an agreement with your employer and both of you have the right to terminate the relationship for whatever reason whenever you want. That is how voluntary transactions work and the modern worker is in a voluntary relationship with their employer right? They are not slaves and are perfectly capable of walking away from the relationship should they be displeased with pay or benefits. They have the option of seeking employment else ware.

This is why the Hobby Lobby ruling is not infringing any rights. If an employee at Hobby Lobby is displeased with their lot, they may do a couple of things. They can negotiate with their employer for better terms, they can supplement their benefits by paying out of pocket for the treatment they desire, or they can terminate their employment and seek greener pastures. Under these circumstances, how are a woman’s access to health care being limited? The answer is that they are not.

Warped Property Rights
Progressives and socialist always seem to voice this confused and incoherent position on property rights. It’s mostly because socialism at its core is about owning the means of production and taking it out of the private owners hands. This blurred line on property rights spills into all aspects of property. Is your body yours? Is your money and fruits of your labor yours? The socialist/progressive says “no.” You must pay some back to the society that helped you acquire it.

This is a fallacy on many levels because Government does not create or initiate anything, Individuals do and because of this, they have already been compensated for it. But this fact does not stop these economic dregs from yelling their incoherent mess of a position louder and louder. The reason they think that they have a right to health care and birth control at the financial, philosophical, and religious expense of others is simply because they don’t believe you have a right to yourself and your labor. It belongs to everybody. Like I said, the basic premise of socialism is the collective ownership of the means of production. There would be no production without people so once one reduces the means of production down to it’s source it comes to the individual . This means socialism and it’s many forms are about owning individuals. That is the only moral ground one can have to say they have a right to another’s property regardless of their philosophical or spiritual beliefs. They don’t matter because the individual doesn’t own themselves. So fork over your wallet, it isn’t yours.

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